A visit to the home of WeChat – Tencent HQ | Shenzhen

Ever wondered how it like was to be at the headquarters of the biggest technology company in China? Well the Chat Chat team had the honor to be invited to Tencent’s HQ which is located in Shenzhen for a high-level sharing session about WeChat’s latest updates and international advertising solutions by the Tencent representatives.

Image of QQ penguin at Tencent officeAfter 2 hours of driving from Hong Kong, we found ourselves standing at the home of WeChat. Immediately after stepping into the main building lobby, we were greeted by a metal QQ penguin sculpture. Interestingly, the sculpture was shaped by names of QQ users who were online at that particular moment in time (11th April 2014 at 9.11pm). Over 200 million users chatting online on a Friday night at 9pm is really impressive!

The vibes of being a Tech Titan can be felt from the lasting impression that we all have with the building façade. The blue tinted stairway leading up to the next level portrays a sense of professionalism and leadership, showing the qualities of what Tencent aims to be with their strong range of innovative products.

Lobby of Tencent HQ Building in ShenzhenArchitecture shot of Tencent HQ building in Shenzhen

Not letting the cute penguin distract us further of our agenda, we got our passes from the main reception and hurried up excitedly to the working quarters of where the WeChat magic happens. We met up with two Tencent representatives who then led us into the boardroom and started sharing about WeChat and the capabilities of what WeChat has to offer on the international level for markets out of China

Image of Tencent visitor pass

A quick introduction about WeChat already had us in awe with the numbers.

FUN FACT #1: Official Accounts alone generates up to 30 billion page views per day globally!

 The topic of international advertising solutions offered by WeChat intrigued us further into trying to understand the vast possibilities and opportunities on a global level.

FUN FACT #2: The number of WeChat active users globally have already surpassed 1 billion!

After the presentation about WeChat and office tour by the Tencent representatives, we were ushered to the official Tencent souvenir store and café, just located adjacent to the main lobby. We were in plushie land! There were so many interesting souvenirs representing the various aspects of Tencent. One prominent one being the QQ penguin. The team couldn’t help but to buy some penguins back as little companions.

View of the Tencent souvenir storePosing in the Tencent souvenir store

The trip to Tencent was indeed a fruitful and collaborative one for the Chat Chat team. The value-added exchanges of information about WeChat between Tencent and Chat Chat created the baseline to set the team up for success. A journey that we hope to be able to share with everyone.

Till next time~

Chattlers signing off..

Group photo of the team in Tencent HQ lobby with QQ penguin

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