WeChat Universal Account – Advertising Benefits

We rejoice as WeChat’s Universal Account finally lands on our shores!

To first understand what a Universal Account is, we need to examine what an Official Account is, and the different types of accounts that fall under it.

Official Account (OA)

An OA is a platform for organisations, famous people (Key Opinion Leaders) and government bodies where they get to promote their brand on WeChat.

There are 3 types of Official Accounts (OA)

  1. China Account
  2. Oversea Account
  3. Universal Account


China Account

A China Account can only be set up by a Chinese business registered company. While your content is visible by anyone who follows or views your account, your advertising efforts are confined within China.


Oversea Account

An Oversea Account can be set up by any other companies out of China. With this account, only users out of China can view or follow your account. Furthermore, advertising on an Oversea Account is not allowed.


Universal Account

Finally, there’s Universal Account – the new type of Official Account recently being released by WeChat in an effort to expand their overseas marketing channels. In a nutshell, to a company based out of China, this is the best of both worlds!


Overseas marketing on WeChat

42 countries out of China are now able to use their local business registration license to set up WeChat Universal Accounts visible to the whole WeChat-sphere. Businesses are able to decide the boundary of their advertising campaigns, with these few targeting options:

  1. WeChat users in China
  2. Chinese tourists in their country
  3. WeChat users in their country.


The countries where WeChat advertising is available are:

Asia: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Maldives

Europe: Russia, England, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Spain, Swiss, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, Turkey

America: US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina

Australia: Australia, New Zealand

Africa: Egypt, Morocco


To put this into perspective, Chat Chat is the partner of WeChat helping Singapore Business Registered companies set up their WeChat Universal Accounts. Now, as China being the biggest market in the world, and the highest spending tourists in Singapore, doesn’t this delightful news deserve three cheers?

Once any Official Account of your choice is set up, you get to choose between a being a Service or Subscription account. This will be further elaborated in one of the next few blog posts.