WeChat – The Goliath of Social Media Platforms

Is WeChat dominating the social media arena?

WeChat offers a wide range of functionalities for a great user experience. It includes: Instant messaging, social live feed, payment gateways, booking platforms and many more.

As a millennial, I’ve practically used most of the mainstream social media channels ever since the internet became more accessible to our society. From Friendster, Myspace and Tagged to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder and WeChat. All these social media platforms focus on a single outcome for every user: to connect to another person digitally, regardless of their location and increasing their social credibility with each “friend” and each “like” received.

What’s so incredible about WeChat and so widely accepted by Chinese users is that that the app is able to provide users with the functions of like the mainstream social apps mentioned above. And more!

From the moment you wake up to update yourself with your friends’ activities from your Moments section, booking a ride to commute to work, reserving a seat at your favorite restaurant to beat the lunch peak hour, paying using WeChat Pay, post that delicious looking picture of your food on Moments… The list goes on..

(Video from WeChat’s YouTube page)

WeChat is able to create a whole social ecosystem within the app to satisfy the needs of an everyday mobile user.

The social media giant is able to dominate the Chinese market, owing to the functionalities built within the app. With more than 90% penetration into tier 1 cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, we can be sure that the growth of WeChat within China is on the surge.

On a global scale, WeChat’s exponential growth resulted in reaching 1 billion monthly active users (MAU), up 12% from 889 million MAU in Q4 2016, according to Tencent CEO Pony Ma. This growth is likely to be contributed by the increasing international users from Southeast Asia, Europe and USA.

What’s to come that may trigger some excitement globally will be on the advertising platforms within Moments to enable interaction between users and brands. With WeChat opening their advertising opportunities to businesses out of China, it may yet again be another fruitful year for Tencent.

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