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There is unprecedented growth potential for brands that master digital advertising in China. Capitalising on this potential requires leveraging the right platforms at the right time, localising and personalising ad strategies, and bridging subtle but critical cultural nuances.

However, many brands are unfamiliar with China’s highly complex and competitive platforms, the stringent requirements for negotiating and paying for ad space on them, and how and when to target the largest and most lucrative consumer demographic in the world: Chinese tourists.

With our comprehensive digital advertising solutions, brands rely on us for cultural, multilingual, and digital support across platforms, ad strategies with supporting data, campaign reporting, and exposure on the most popular platforms.

Partnered with powerhouse platforms, like WeChatCTripiPinYou, and more, we have unique access to Chinese tourists and understand their behaviour, from when they travel and which platforms they use to why and how they make purchasing decisions and what resonates with them.

Harnessing this insight, we provide digital ad options designed and optimised for brands to launch into China with confidence.

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