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Scope creep, cultural unknowns, conflicting expectations, language barriers, and platform complexities—all challenges that agencies face when targeting the Chinese market. At Chat Chat, we understand these challenges and what it takes to overcome them.

Pitch support and strategic campaign management, comprehensive market data that facilitates precise targeting, wide access to media-buying opportunities along with cultural, multilingual and digital expertise—all solutions that we provide for our agency clients.

With our comprehensive digital advertising packages, agencies rely on us to propel their clients into the largest and most lucrative consumer demographic in the world: Chinese tourists.

Partnered with powerhouse platforms, like WeChat, CTrip, iPinYou, and more, we have unique access to Chinese tourists. Leveraging this access, we provide digital ad options designed and customised to help our agency clients help their advertising clients grow, compete, and succeed in the Chinese tourism market.

Are you an agency ready to create measurable success for your clients in the China tourism market?

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