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Chinese travellers

Building business in the world’s top consumer market

China boasts more than 800 million internet users—the highest internet penetration rate globally. And Chinese tourists are the fastest-growing consumer demographic in the world—3.41 million visited Singapore in 2018 alone.

Targeting this high-spend market without mastering digital advertising risks unparalleled profit potential. However, many are unfamiliar with China’s highly complex and competitive platforms, the strict regulations for negotiating and paying for ad space, or how and when to localise ad campaigns.

And that’s where Chat Chat comes in.

We navigate the technical requirements and governmental restrictions of China’s unique platforms, localise your brand message, and build a proactive digital media plan that drives growth for your business.

Along with our comprehensive advertising solutions, brands and agencies alike rely on us for cultural, multilingual, and digital support across China-specific platforms and markets.

Build your business

The world’s largest consumer demographic: Chinese tourists
Digital Advertising Strategy
  • Competitor review
  • Brand positioning
  • Audience targeting
  • Multi-channel advertising
Social Media Management
  • Official account setup
  • Content creation
  • Community management
  • Creative campaigns
KOL Advertising Opportunities
  • Research and liaise
  • Brand positioning
  • Campaign setup
  • Campaign reporting

Agency Advertising Solutions

  • Pitch support and strategic campaign management
  • Comprehensive data for smart targeting
  • Wide access to media-buying opportunities

Brand Advertising Solutions

  • Tailored ad strategies and data research
  • Campaign reporting
  • Brand exposure on China’s most popular platforms

Meet our team

We are team of inspired and creative digital marketers
dedicated to building awareness and fostering relationships to bring value to our clients