Should you advertise on WeChat Moments?

If you want to promote your brand in the Chinese market, WeChat advertising is one of the leading channels for social marketing in China. The WeChat advantage includes:

  • Access to the top social users in China
  • Wide reach and demographic base, from teenagers to the elderly
  • Audience targeting through the orientation feature
  • Options for different budgets
  • User-friendly advertising display
  • High engagement and conversion rates
  • Accurate reporting

What are WeChat’s advertising channels?

WeChat has three advertising channels:

  • WeChat Moments ads
  • WeChat official account banner ads
  • WeChat Mini Program banner ads

Because many marketers are interested in WeChat Moments ads in particular, today we discuss whether your brand is suitable for WeChat Moments ads.

Are WeChat Moments ads suitable for any business?

The short answer is no.

WeChat Moments ads display in users’ newsfeeds. They appear alongside organic content, interweaved with posts from friends’ stories. This kind of advertising provides intuitive ad displays and cannot be missed or skipped in the feed.

However, not all brands are suitable for this ad type.

In fact, certain industries are not even allowed to advertise on WeChat Moments at all. These industries include:

  • Web portals
  • Merchants (relates generally to advertising merchants)
  • Healthcare
  • Cigarettes
  • Business services
  • Legal services
  • Gambling
  • Lottery

If you want to advertise on WeChat Moments, but are unsure whether your brand is suitable, please contact us.

So then, what kind of brands use WeChat Moments ads?

There are four benchmarks that we suggest brands meet before advertising on WeChat Moments:

  • Established brand awareness in the Chinese market
  • B2C operations
  • Closed loop for WeChat user journey
  • At least a USD $7000 advertising budget

Established brand awareness in the Chinese market

If you are a new brand in the Chinese market, we recommend you to first engage in KOL marketing. Have KOLs endorse your brand and create a positive impression for your target audiences. This will help build awareness around your brand.

Because WeChat is a private social network, people are more inclined to respond to new brand information from friend sharing rather than hard advertising. Therefore, if your brand has little awareness among users’ social network, you may not be well-received.

A strong WeChat Moments ad is a medium or topic that encourages active engagement between users and their friends, bringing natural positive effects and results to brands. But if your post receives little-to-no engagement, then the advertisement is generally considered unsuccessful.

B2C operations

Although WeChat advertising can help brands filter audiences, it is hard to accurately target key B2B people through WeChat Moments. Because WeChat is a social tool, users browse Moments to relax, making it a better channel to target public consumers.

Closed loop for WeChat user journey

Are you ready to accommodate users and guide them through to conversion after they click on your WeChat Moments ads? You must estimate the behavior journey of your users and ensure that you provide them with a relevant response and/or landing page after they click on your ad. For example, if the objective of your WeChat Moments ad is to drive users to buy your products, then you should have a Chinese-language shopping website for mobile that accepts WeChat Pay, Chinese customer services, a regularly updated WeChat official account, etc., all of which works together to increase conversions and create greater value.

At least a USD $7000 advertising budget

The price to advertise on WeChat Moments starts from $7,000, or CNY ¥50,000. You are required to pay this amount upfront, and then you can start advertising, drawing from this amount to cover the ad cost. During holidays, such as Chinese National Day and Spring Festival, the advertising competition is more intense; therefore, the impression cost is higher than usual.


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