Q1 2019: Top 10 WeChat Moments Ads

Analysing user engagement and advertising performance data, WeChat released its top 10 Moments ads for Q1 2019. The majority of the ads celebrated either Chinese Spring Festival or Valentine’s Day to leverage the festivities and appeal to the masses.

We’ve analysed what made these ads so popular, discussing them in detail via the following categories:

  1. Creative and interactive

  2. The KOL effect

  3. Shopping convenience

1.   Creative and interactive

The Palace Museum

The Palace Museum is known for its creativity in adding a quirky twist to cultural traditions. They have done it again, this time during Chinese Spring Festival. Inviting users to interact and slide the screen to “open the palace door”, users gain access to an educational journey of what it’s like to spend Chinese Spring Festival in the palace.

Despite the traditional subject matter, the tone is light and witty to engage the audience and uses humour, such as “even the emperor’s seal is on a holiday, yet you’re still working overtime”.


Instead of its signature red, McDonalds adorned its Moments ad with gold shades and featured an interactive video that guides users to draw a border around the McDonalds bucket to seize all the ‘golden blessings’. On the landing page, the packaging of the burgers are changed to gold and matched with New Year blessings to ring in the Chinese Spring Festival.


Huawei celebrates Spring Festival with a video ad of an elderly person giving out ‘red packets’ to the younger generation. Incorporating an interactive element, users are asked to slide across the screen to reveal a New Year lucky draw of Huawei products.

Arena of Valor (video game)

Instead of using the advertisement to highlight just the video game, it includes a human touch. Encouraging users to slide to watch more of the story, this advertisement depicts two grown-up cousins who have not seen each other for many years. On Chinese New Year, they finally meet each other again. The awkwardness was broken when they started playing Arena of Valor together.


Lancôme welcomed users to draw a heart to unlock a Valentine’s surprise.

2.   The KOL Effect

Yili Milk

Yili leveraged the popularity of 6 celebrities, each having more than 100 million followers on their Chinese social media platforms, wishing users a happy new year. Instead of using the company name as its profile name, Yili Milk used a celebrity’s name (eg: Liu Tao) to better relate to that celebrity’s followers.


Tissot made use of star power with their Moments Ad campaign. Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei were Tissot’s brand ambassadors and were featured wearing the watches in this advertisement.

Jun Lei (Xiaomi’s founder)

To advertise Xiaomi’s newly released mobile product, this WeChat Moments ad featured Jun Lei, Xiaomi’s founder, chatting with Yuan Wang, a youth celebrity.

3.   Shopping Convenience

Cartier and VanCleef & Arpels, both major global luxury brands, released advertisements that hit the mark on Valentine’s Day. Showcasing jewellery in its simplest form, both brands’ ads linked directly to their online stores. This shopping convenience was straightforward and well-received.


VanCleef & Arpels

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