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WeChat: Unprecedented reach in China

As the #1 social media platform in China, WeChat boasts more than 1 billion daily active users. It allows unprecedented advertising opportunities for brands and agencies to target Chinese tourists with myriad functions, including voice calls, video chat, messaging, social posts, ticket purchasing, and more.

WeChat: Key Benefits

Social Reach

75% of WeChat users have positively responded to WeChat Moments advertisements, making it a highly effective social medium to reach to your target audience.

WeChat Moments advertising is based on native advertising and hence integrated into the Moments platform, coupled with interactive media options to enhance your marketing content and more strategically appeal to your audience on their social feeds.

Geolocational Targeting

Based on geolocation, WeChat can target Chinese tourists across borders and as soon as they step off the plane: Think real-time, destination-specific IP targeting, and pre-defined audience targeting.

This is opportunity-rich for advertising products and services targeted specifically to the individual Chinese consumer visiting your destination, from luxury shopping deals and high-end restaurant vouchers to excursion-tour discounts, multi-attraction passes, and more.

WeChat: The Chat Chat Advantage

With the boom of Chinese tourists travelling the globe, tourism dollars are expected to drive 55% of China’s consumption spend over the next five years. This tourism market is comprised mainly of Chinese millennials who rely heavily on WeChat for overseas travel and itinerary planning.

In the past, targeting individual travellers with customised ads on their native social feeds had been a monumental, if not impossible, challenge. Now, with WeChat’s social and geolocational advertising capabilities, we help advertisers precisely target audiences at the right place and at the right time to convert them from prospect to purchase.

With teams based in Singapore, a top Chinese tourist destination, and China, we understand the trends, opportunities, and complexities of Chinese tourism behaviour, and we have unique access to this lucrative demographic. Leveraging this access, we provide WeChat ad options designed and customised to help our clients grow, compete, and succeed in the Chinese tourism market.

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