More Advertising Opportunities

In addition to the major platforms of WeChat, Ctrip, and iPinYou, there are even more advertising opportunities for targeting Chinese tourists.

Key Benefits

Each of the diverse platforms has a distinct audience and function. These platforms include (but are certainly not limited to):


  • With 446 million monthly active users, Weibo is the Twitter/Facebook of China, so KOL and media advertising along with content marketing is particularly effective here.

Mafengwo + Qyer

  • Mafengwo and Qyer are top trip-planning platforms. Their audiences are affluent, well-educated and prefer DIY trips, so destination advertising is particularly effective here.


  • Meitu is a photo-editing and -sharing app that boasts 480 million monthly active users comprised mainly of females between the ages of 19-35. Advertising make-up, entertainment, and lifestyle products here is particularly effective.

Jessica’s Secret

  • With 650,000 users, Jessica’s Secret allows users to compare the prices of 12 million products from duty-free stores around the world, so travel retail brand advertising is particularly effective here.

Douyin (TikTok)

  • Douyin is a media app for creating and sharing short videos. As the most downloaded app of 2018, it is available in over 150 markets and in 75 languages.

KOL Marketing

  • KOL marketing is huge in China. Leveraging the high-impact influence of KOLs is effective across most if not all the platforms targeting Chinese tourists. Chinese people are particularly respondent to KOLs and trust their authority when promoting brands. We have established relationships with top KOLs in China to help bring your brand to masses.

The Chat Chat Advantage

We understand the platform preferences and behaviours of Chinese tourists. Whether it’s building relationships with KOLs, creating ad strategies for brands, or targeting affluent tourists, we help advertisers leverage the right platforms at the right time for the right audience.

Are you ready to create measurable success in the Chinese tourism market?

Agency Advertising Solutions

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  • Comprehensive data for smart targeting
  • Wide access to media-buying opportunities

Brand Advertising Solutions

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  • Campaign reporting
  • Brand exposure on China’s most popular platforms

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The world’s largest consumer demographic: Chinese tourists
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KOL Advertising Opportunities
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