Leverage 60% market share and big data
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iPinYou: Targeting Like Never Before

In China, programmatic digital display ad spending will reach USD $29.61 billion (RMB 196.73 billion) in 2019, nearly double the amount spent in 2017. As the #1 programmatic platform in China, iPinYou provides granular consumer taxonomy for advertisers to target audiences with precision.

iPinYou: Key Benefits

AI-Driven Strategy

iPinYou has a robust and results-driven digital advertising audience taxonomy. This patented behaviour model analyses 8 data vectors:

  • Demographics
  • Personal interests
  • Buying propensity
  • Geography
  • Buying environment
  • Device data
  • Media interests
  • App interests

These vectors facilitate big data by which advertisers can distinguish people with similar behaviours and serve ads customised to these people across myriad mediums and platforms.

Audience-Specific Targeting

iPinYou allows advertisers to make targeting decisions based on insights gained from mass data. It supports real-time ad delivery optimisation through its programmatic algorithm and facilitates ad creative and delivery through data asset management.

iPinYou: The Chat Chat Advantage

Leveraging the largest programmatic ad platform in China, we help advertisers integrate big data—including geography, device, interests, purchase history, purchase tendency, and more—to understand Chinese tourist interests and needs.

From this, we create an effective programmatic media strategy, facilitating precise audience targeting based on user interests and behaviours and helping advertisers deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time in the most cost-effective manner. This includes:

Technology Expertise

  • Real-time bidding
    • Automate the purchase of online advertising at competitive prices
  • Retargeting
    • Deliver ads to audiences who have engaged with your brand before
  • Optimisation
    • Adjust budget, timing, media, and audience filtering

Targeting Expertise

  • Audience targeting
    • Target audiences based on age, income, occupation, product interest, purchase intention and history, etc.
  • Geotargeting
    • Deliver ads to audiences in a specific location—as specific as within a radius of a given address
  • Media and device targeting
    • Target audiences based on specific mediums, ad exchanges, devices, browsers, mobile networks and carriers, etc.

Are you ready to create measurable success in the Chinese tourism market?

Agency Advertising Solutions

  • Pitch support and strategic campaign management
  • Comprehensive data for smart targeting
  • Wide access to media-buying opportunities

Brand Advertising Solutions

  • Tailored ad strategies and data research
  • Campaign reporting
  • Brand exposure on China’s most popular platforms

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The world’s largest consumer demographic: Chinese tourists
Digital Advertising Strategy
  • Competitor review
  • Brand positioning
  • Audience targeting
  • Multi-channel advertising
Social Media Management
  • Official account setup
  • Content creation
  • Community management
  • Creative campaigns
KOL Advertising Opportunities
  • Research and liaise
  • Brand positioning
  • Campaign setup
  • Campaign reporting

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