Engage 300 million users
in the travel-booking process

CTrip: Dominating the OTA Market in China

As China’s #1 platform for booking airline tickets, hotels, vacations, amusement passes, cruises, fine dining, and more, Ctrip and its affiliates dominate 85% of the OTA market share in China. Ctrip is a 1-stop shop that serves the diverse travel needs of 300 million registered users.

Ctrip: Key Benefits

High Purchase Rates

70% of Ctrip users earn a monthly income greater than RMB 8000. This means that Ctrip’s audience has disposable income, which they spend in great quantities through Ctrip on travel and entertainment, creating strong opportunities for advertisers in these industries. Gold users of Ctrip spend RMB 20K /year on the platform, while platinum users spend RMB 50K/year and diamond users spend RMB 100K/year.

Diverse, Affluent Audience

Ctrip’s audience ranges in age from 22-45, and it’s well balanced between men (53%) and women (47%) with 70% of Ctrip users living in tier 1 cities. Ctrip provides unprecedented access to this diverse and affluent audience who spends significantly on leisure and luxury, travel and entertainment, fine dining and tours, and more.

Ctrip: The Chat Chat Advantage

Whether it’s pre-targeting travellers with such foresight as where they are going, when, and why, reaching travellers while they’re at their destinations with the hottest deals, or grouping travellers to the same destination in a chat, offering travel guides, local tips, and brand promotion, we understand Chinese tourism behaviours and can facilitate sophisticated, precise targeting through Ctrip.

This means targeting travellers before, during, and after their trips for optimal timing and conversions based on our unique understanding of user behaviour.

Pre-Trip Traveller Behaviour and Targeting Solutions

Traveller Behaviour
  • Purchase travel products
  • Book flight, hotel, train, tour, amusement passes, and more
  • Search travel guides and reviews
Targeting Solutions
  • Ctrip/WeChat guide
  • App notifications
  • Ctrip VIP center

During Trip Traveller Behaviour and Targeting Solutions

Traveller Behaviour
  • Book sightseeing
  • Share travel experiences
Targeting Solutions
  • LBS app notifications
  • Ctrip/WeChat guide

Post-Trip Traveller Behaviour and Targeting Solutions

Traveller Behaviour
  • Share reviews and tips
Targeting Solutions
  • Social networking service promotion

Are you ready to create measurable success in the Chinese tourism market?

Agency Advertising Solutions

  • Pitch support and strategic campaign management
  • Comprehensive data for smart targeting
  • Wide access to media-buying opportunities

Brand Advertising Solutions

  • Tailored ad strategies and data research
  • Campaign reporting
  • Brand exposure on China’s most popular platforms

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The world’s largest consumer demographic: Chinese tourists
Digital Advertising Strategy
  • Competitor review
  • Brand positioning
  • Audience targeting
  • Multi-channel advertising
Social Media Management
  • Official account setup
  • Content creation
  • Community management
  • Creative campaigns
KOL Advertising Opportunities
  • Research and liaise
  • Brand positioning
  • Campaign setup
  • Campaign reporting

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