Leverage our connections
to reach Chinese travellers
across diverse platforms

The right platform at the right time for the right audience

Navigating stringent requirements, leveraging the right platforms at the right time, and bridging the subtle but critical cultural nuances that can make or break advertising revenue, we help clients increase their influence on the myriad platforms used by the largest and most lucrative consumer demographic in the world: Chinese tourists.

With teams based in Singapore, a top Chinese tourist destination, and China, we understand the trends, opportunities, and complexities of Chinese tourism behaviour:

  • When they travel and why
  • Which websites they visit, apps they download, and ads they respond to
  • What resonates with them and what can repel them

Partnered with powerhouse platforms, like WeChatCTripiPinYou, and more, we have unique access to this lucrative demographic. Leveraging this access, we provide digital ad options designed and customised to help our clients grow, compete, and succeed in the Chinese tourism market.

WeChat Solutions

  • Social reach
  • Geolocational advertising

Ctrip Solutions

  • Destination-specific targeting
  • Traveller-specific targeting

iPinYou Solutions

  • AI-driven strategy
  • Audience targeting

More Solutions

  • Even greater reach
  • Specialised platforms

Meet our team

We are team of inspired and creative digital marketers
dedicated to building awareness and fostering relationships to bring value to our clients