News Flash: WeChat limits official accounts to better control content

Over the past couple of days, a growing charge has spread across China’s content platforms, and Tencent has been part of the movement.

The Cyberspace Administration of China, a government internet watchdog, has recently cracked down on graphic and offensive content, ordering Tencent and other major platforms to remove vulgar content, rumours, fake accounts, and pornographic materials. Within just this month alone, the Administration has shut down 9,800 social media accounts across several platforms, including WeChat, Weibo, and Baidu.

In response, WeChat announced that it is seriously conducting self-examination and self-correction to provide a quality, clean, and healthy reading environment. And within just this week, WeChat has issued new regulations.

Effective November 2018, WeChat is limiting official accounts to just 2 per company and 1 per person. This is a further reduction from what took place last February when they limited the number of official accounts that companies can hold from 50 to 5.

While WeChat is a significant contributor to Tencent’s ad revenue, SCMP states some analysts believe that the impact of the ongoing government crackdown on content will have a minimal effect on Tencent’s advertising business.

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