Big Data On Chinese Tourists And Their WeChat Usage While Travelling Overseas

2017 Statistics On Overseas Destinations And WeChat Consumption for Chinese Tourists

Lately, we’ve received loads of inquiries, asking about the top outbound destinations for Chinese tourists and their WeChat consumption while travelling overseas.

For advertisers, marketers, and businesses who’d like to target Chinese tourists, we have put together the 2017 statistics, findings, and trends to help answer your questions.

1. Hong Kong is the favorite destination

According to the Nielsen 2017 Outbound Chinese Tourism and Consumption Trends Report, among all Chinese tourists who traveled overseas in 2017:

  • 67% travelled to other Asian countries or regions
  • 51% travelled to Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan
  • 38% travelled to Europe
  • 25% travelled to North America
  • 20% travelled to Australia and/or New Zealand

Hong Kong remains the most popular destination among the three Chinese regions of Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.  

As European travel becomes better developed for Chinese tourists, nearly 40% of respondents travelled there last year, mainly to France, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Asian destinations were the most popular destinations among Chinese tourists due to numerous favourable considerations, such as simpler visa procedures, more affordable prices, and convenient transportation.

From the WeChat 2017 China’s National Day Holiday Data Report, Hong Kong is also the most popular check-in destination.

2. Experience is the top priority for Chinese tourists

For the Chinese traveler, price is not a decisive factor in choosing travel destinations or tourist attractions. The beauty and uniqueness of the tourist attraction and safety are the first and second biggest factors, respectively.

3. Overseas trips are done mainly for enjoyment

Chinese tourists travel overseas mainly for leisure, such as dining and shopping.

4. Traveling with smart communication devices has become the new trend

97% of Chinese tourists purchase a data package or make other such preparations to use their smart device while travelling overseas. This is done to enjoy the many benefits of mobile internet access, such as communication, socializing, and navigation, as well as to explore the local attractions, dining opportunities, and shopping discounts.

5. Duty-free stores are the most popular shopping location

During the 2017 Chinese National Day holiday, according to WeChat official statistics, 52% of Chinese tourists with WeChat used WeChat Pay for shopping in duty-free stores.

6. Skin care and beauty products are the most popular goods purchased

7. Discounts and payment methods are key attractions

Chinese tourists consider discounts to be an important factor in their purchasing decisions. At the same time, they also consider the payment methods accepted by the local merchants when making purchasing decisions.

8. 65% of outbound Chinese tourists paid using mobile payment methods in 2017

When travelling abroad, most Chinese tourists use more than one payment method; it is normal for Chinese tourists to employ multiple payment methods while travelling overseas. Aside from the traditional methods of payment, like cash and credit cards, more and more Chinese tourists are also using mobile payment platforms during their travels abroad.

9. Hong Kong was the most convenient country in which to make purchases using WeChat Cross-Border Pay

During the 2017 Chinese National Day holiday, WeChatters who went overseas were able to use WeChat Pay at more local merchants than ever before. Hong Kong was the most convenient country in which travellers could make purchases using WeChat Cross-Border Pay, showing that supported payment methods are key in drawing the Chinese crowd.

10. The largest number of outbound tourists in China left from Shanghai during China’s National Day holiday in 2017

The number of Chinese travellers going abroad from southwest cities of China is growing fast—the top cities for outbound travellers are all from southwest.

This data helps us understand the preferences and habits of Chinese travellers. Chat Chat can support you in reaching them more effectively!

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