Another WeChat Update for iOS

(version 6.7.1)

So, soon after its 20 June update, WeChat iOS underwent another update on 13 July! The latest version is WeChat 6.7.1.

For this update, Tencent optimized 2 features of the interface to improve user experience.

Feature 1: Dock Bar Added to Account Information Page

Previously, the dock bar was located at the bottom of the chat page on WeChat official accounts.

Now, it’s located on the account information page.

Pressing the tab displays sub-navigation or a landing page. This makes it easier for users to quickly find more information and services from brands.

Feature 2: Easier Management of Mini Programs

On the new version, it’s easier to access your favorite Mini Programs.

WeChat users can now place their most-used Mini Programs into a drop-down menu labelled “My Mini Programs”.

Users can place up to 50 Mini Programs on their lists, granting easier access for “power-users”.

Additionally, the Mini Programs management page now displays your usage history and allows you to search Mini Programs and check what’s nearby based on your location.

What’s a Mini Program?

Mini Programs are sub-applications within the ecosystem of WeChat. Users can access available web-apps through the browser after scanning a QR code or performing a direct search. The apps provide users with advanced features, such as e-commerce, task management, coupons, mobile bike locking and unlocking, bus time checkers, etc.

WeChat also provides a function of ‘Mini Programs Nearby,’ which helps users explore more Mini Programs based on their locations.

WeChat Mini Programs maintain a conversion rate higher than that of WeChat’s previously available marketing channels.

The Future of WeChat

In the previous update (6.7.0), the biggest change was that the subscription accounts name list became a news feed. This shows that WeChat is increasingly becoming an information-streaming platform focused on sharing content, which means that, if WeChat official accounts do not produce strong content, they may experience a decline in user loyalty.

In terms of future WeChat developments, people have predicted that WeChat campaigns might involve subscription account messages and that WeChat may provide custom content through an algorithm.

This hasn’t happened yet (as we know, WeChat upgraded just 2 features this time), but we look forward to the next updates and what they mean for your digital marketing efforts on WeChat. Contact us for help!

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