Earned trust combined with
local and digital expertise

Companies based outside of China struggle to enter the Chinese tourism market—finding the right platforms, negotiating for ad space, and tracking overall marketing performance.

Starting with WeChat as our first exclusive partnership, we have grown to partner with all the major platforms that Chinese travellers use before, during, and after their journeys. These partnerships allow us to find the best possible advertising opportunities and solutions to meet our clients’ needs across diverse industries, markets, and audiences.

With teams based in Singapore, a top Chinese tourist destination, and China, we understand the trends, opportunities, and complexities of Chinese tourism behaviour. We translate this understanding into effective advertising strategies for our clients, connecting you with the Chinese traveller.

This includes:

Building on their travel dreams

Tapping into their decision-making process

Engaging them on mobile

Joining them in their booking process

Reaching them in-flight

Being part of their travel experience

We are team of inspired and creative digital marketers dedicated to building awareness, providing solutions, and fostering relationships. Our clients count on us to achieve results and provide value quickly and efficiently. We have created strong partnerships and innovations that streamline processes, facilitate collaboration, and support our clients in managing their advertising projects.

Open communication and strong relationships make us happy. At the office, you’ll hear us brainstorming, strategizing, negotiating, helping clients, building relationships, working hard, and laughing harder. And of course, we can’t forget our foodie side—we balance hard work with the comforts of fun and food.

We pride ourselves on our personable service and commitment to developing strong partnerships that cement our clients as leaders in the Chinese tourism market. A combination of earned trust and local and digital expertise is how we help our clients succeed.

Are you ready to create measurable success in the China tourism market? 

Agency Advertising Solutions

  • Pitch support and strategic campaign management
  • Comprehensive data for smart targeting
  • Wide access to media-buying opportunities

Brand Advertising Solutions

  • Tailored ad strategies and data research
  • Campaign reporting
  • Brand exposure on China’s most popular platforms

Build your business

The world’s largest consumer demographic: Chinese tourists
Digital Advertising Strategy
  • Competitor review
  • Brand positioning
  • Audience targeting
  • Multi-channel advertising
Social Media Management
  • Official account setup
  • Content creation
  • Community management
  • Creative campaigns
KOL Advertising Opportunities
  • Research and liaise
  • Brand positioning
  • Campaign setup
  • Campaign reporting

Increase your influence

Brand awareness across the travel experience

Advertise directly to Chinese tourists

Target specific audiences of Chinese tourists

Expand marketing channels to connect with Chinese tourists

Leverage our partnerships

The right platform at the right time for the right audience